I created this site because for many years I have been thinking about money, finance and investment. What do these really mean? How are our lives structured by these things? And with all the advice we get from advisors, the state, friends, organisations and suchlike, how can we hope to make the right decisions?

To say a little more about myself, I have worked for nearly 30 years in the financial world, mostly working with indices in some manner or another. Prior to that I had a background in engineering. I know the data. I know how the calculation programs work. And I know how to explain the numbers I calculate. But that was never enough.

I decided I wasn’t patient enough, and probably not motivated enough to write a book. I considered academic papers, but I find the format of academic papers rather dull and inaccessible. So I decided to share my knowledge in this blog. But my knowledge is just a small part of what I hope this site will become. In time I hope others will contribute, both in replies to my blog posts and maybe writing blog posts too.

I look forward to exploring these ideas collaboratively, and encourage anyone reading this site to post their own comments after each post.

Adrian Tupper