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Go on… give her a hug

If you live in Scotland and voted to separate from the rest of the UK in last year’s referendum, you might want to go out, find a “No” voter and give them a big hug. Because if the Yes vote had won, Thursday would have been independence day in Scotland — and things would have been about to get nasty up north.

The best analysts of Scotland’s finances have been celebrating the day too — but not, I think, with much kissing. Looking at the volume of numbers and reports they have been churning out, I can’t see that they would have had time for it.

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Money Questioner says:

It’s always been known how much emphasis both sides of the debate put on oil revenues. The price might have gone up. Or it might have gone down. Someone was always going to be smug. Independence is more about shifting the centre of power, and we must accept the economic consequences could go either way.